Chrissy Costanza

wFVdkORFFull Name: Christina Nicola Costanza
Goes by: Chrissy Costanza
Nicknames: Krispy, Stina, Tiny
Date of birth: August 23, 1995
Age: 22 Place of birth: New Jersey
Hair Color: Brown
Height: 5’1”
Birth Stone: Peridot
Zodiac Sign: Leo and Virgo
Siblings: A younger brother
Favorite band: Muse or The Killers
Pets: A Goldendoodle named Sammy

Chrissy Costanza was raised in a family of music lovers. Her parents have always encouraged her to practice her musical skills. And Chrissy always did just that singing very loudly 24/7 growing up.

Early in the summer of 2011 Chrissy met Will, Dan and Jeremy through one of her best friends.  Will, Dan and Jeremy were looking for a singer for their band and Chrissy was the perfect fit and she joined Against the Current as their lead singer.  “I had never really been in a band before but had dreams of being in one,” said Chrissy Costanza.

chrissyAt first “It was always tough” Chrissy explains, “especially because my band mates live over an hour away so weekday practices were not exactly doable, but we did it! I would go up for the weekend and stay over at one of their houses for practice and we’d work hard all weekend to get everything we needed to get done. Our first year as a band we really didn’t do much. Just wrote music, practiced, hung out and dreamt big dreams.”

In addition to being Against the Currents front women, Chrissy Costanza is also know for her very popular vlog and tutorial channel on YouTube.

Pictures of Chrissy by David Aday







  • Chrissy, when are you coming to Turkey? Please come I’m waiting for you.

  • hi!Why you don write a new song for you?

    Chrissy I’m your big fans.. I love you Chrissy… you’re the best Singer.. I love all your videos..

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