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ATC On Warped Tour this Summer?

Will Against The Current being playing on The Vans Warped Tour this summer?  It just so happens to seem that they will be!

While the 2016 Vans Warped Tour lineup has not been officially announced yet nor has Against The Current Released any information as of yet the August 9th date of the 2016 Vans Warp Tour lineup was just leaked.  A Los Vegas venue prematurely posted a poster to their Twitter which shows which bands are playing on August 9th effectively leaking the lineup.  While this poster does not include all the bands expected to play and only confirms what bands are playing on this date it is however expected that most of the bands listed on the poster will most likely be playing the entire tour.

The Official 2016 Vans Warped Tour announcement will be Tuesday, March 22nd.  Make sure to keep an eye out for this announcement to see what dates Against The Current will be on officially or if they are on the entire tour!




Running With The Wild Things

Against The Current is set to release their next single on Friday, February 5th entitled “Running With The Wild Things”.

Yesterday Against The Current sat down with fans via a Live Video Stream for a Pre-European Tour Hangout and QA.  We’ve all been curious as to why their European Tour “Running With The Wild Things” and now it all makes since.  During their video stream Against The Current announced they would be releasing their next single entitled “Running With The Wild Things”.

Against The Current not only announced their new single, they also gave us a sneak preview of it.  Probably more than they should listening to their commentary.  They previewed the intro to the end of the post chorus of “Running With The Wild Things” at approximately 38 minutes into the live stream.  Based on what we heard “Running With The Wild Things” is going to be an other amazing ATC and can’t wait until it drops!

QZ Photography

Gravity World Tour Underway

Pyro BBQ

The Gravity Word Tour kicked off exactly one week ago and Against the Current has been putting on a epic show for fans.  From surprise pyro almost turning the band into a BBQ when they weren’t expecting to have pyro to rising out of the floor and putting on an amazing show.  The Gravity World Tour features a M&G and private acoustic show each day for VIP Ticket holders.

In-between putting on a epic show and hanging out with fans Against the Current has also has also been playing up being tourists spending the day at places such as Universal Studios in Singapore.

Chriss GWTWant to keep up with what is going on on the Gravity World Tour? Make sure you are following @ChrissyCostanza on Twitter for the latest on the happenings Gravity World Tour as well as tons of of pictures.  These pictures include originals, photography by Joe Brady ( @joebradyphoto ) who is the touring photography for the Gravity World Tour and retweets of fans and other photographers who took picture of the show or hanging with the band.  

More Than Good Hooks GWT
Photo by: More Than Good Hooks

More Than Good Hooks and QZ Photography on Flicker have each published epic photo albums from the Gravity World Tour.  These are galleries that you need to check out now.  You can view More Than Good Hooks epic gallery here to view 43 pictures from HGH Convention Centre, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  This posts featured / top image comes from QZ Photography’s  epic photo gallery so be sure to go check it out here!

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