In Our Bones

In Our Bones Available For Pre-Order

Against The Current announced on Twitter late last night that their debut album is now available for pre-order on the iTunes store. When you pre-order In Our Bones you’ll also receive their song “Runaway” now and “Running with the Wild Things”.

In Our Bones
Expected May 20, 2016

  1. Running with the Wild Things
  2. Forget Me Now
  3. Chasing Ghosts
  4. One More Weekend
  5. In Out Bones
  6. Young & Relentless
  7. Runaway
  8. Brighter
  9. Wasteland
  10. Blood Like Gasoline
  11. Roses
  12. Demons


Running With The Wild Things

Against The Current is set to release their next single on Friday, February 5th entitled “Running With The Wild Things”.

Yesterday Against The Current sat down with fans via a Live Video Stream for a Pre-European Tour Hangout and QA.  We’ve all been curious as to why their European Tour “Running With The Wild Things” and now it all makes since.  During their video stream Against The Current announced they would be releasing their next single entitled “Running With The Wild Things”.

Against The Current not only announced their new single, they also gave us a sneak preview of it.  Probably more than they should listening to their commentary.  They previewed the intro to the end of the post chorus of “Running With The Wild Things” at approximately 38 minutes into the live stream.  Based on what we heard “Running With The Wild Things” is going to be an other amazing ATC and can’t wait until it drops!



Against the Current have posted a teaser that with one word across their social media accounts: “Outsiders”.   This post also lists a time of “Midnight EST”

This post is most likely indicating the release of Against the Currents new song titled “Outsiders”, which they have been playing on The Gravity World Tour.